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I teach courses on writing, rhetoric, digital media, and social justice in the English Department at the University at Albany, SUNY. My courses ground writing and communication as processes of social action that can contribute to change in individual lives, communities, and larger systems. In all my courses, students develop skills to become critical and ethical researchers, writers, and rhetors in whatever life and professional paths they choose. 


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Recent Courses:

ENGL306: Business Writing – Communication Strategies for Advocacy [course website] [pdf syllabus]

The central theme of this course is writing as social action. Writing is a form of action that accomplishes goals, educates and persuades others, creates communities, and makes change. A particular focus of our course will be social and cultural entrepreneurship (using business skills to solve social issues). We will spend much of the semester studying how organizations use business writing to advance causes related to social justice. Ultimately, you will choose an issue that is important to you and research problems and solutions related to this issue. In a final group project, you will develop a business plan to address this issue on a local level.

ENGL102: Research Writing – Media Criticism and Cultural Commentary [pdf syllabus]

The theme of this class will focus on media representations of cultural, social, and political issues. We will examine, talk about, and discuss the ways in which topics such as gender, sexuality, ability, race, class, and intersections among these are represented in media and how we might talk back to these representations. Within this broader frame, you will be able to choose and develop an individual research topic related to an issue that you are invested in. The culminating project will move toward an advocacy campaign proposal in which you consider how this issue affects a local or on-campus community.


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