Course Syllabi

BUS 301: Business Communication, Fall 2017, University of Louisville

ENGL 306: Business Writing (Communication and Advocacy), Spring 2016, UofL

ENGL 102: Intermediate College Writing, Spring 2015, UofL

ENGL 101: Introduction to College Writing, Fall 2014, UofL

WR 121: Research Writing, Fall 2012, Emerson College


Sample Assignments

BUS 301 (Business Communication)
Market Memo on Louisville Industries
Fast Pitch on Local Business Idea


ENGL 306 (Business Writing–Communication for Advocacy)
Communication Strategy
Communication Audit


ENGL 306 (Business Writing)
Professional Communication Sequence


ENGL 102 (Intermediate College Writing)
Argument Essay
Literature Review
Advocacy Campaign


ENGL 101 (Introduction to College Writing)
Digital Argument
Argument Essay


WR 121 (Research Writing)
Academic Essay
Research Article

Memoir (with research component)